The winds of our egos, the waves of our tears, made the most perfect almighty storm that we've seen this year.

"I am a creature of habit
and I move in circles 'round you.
I will admit there's a pattern.
One I've created myself."

(Maria Mena & Mads Langer - Habits)

"And after countless
of crying,
trying to forgive you,
believe you,
grow a spine and leave you,
grieve you,
I've come to this conclusion."

(Maria Mena - The art of forgiveness)

"The winds of your ego,
the waves of my tears
made the most perfect almighty storm
that we've seen this year.
But experience gathered,
we've learned from our past.
So don't worry darling,
this too shall pass."

(Maria Mena - This too shall pass)

"It took me by surprise.
The hatred in his eyes.
I've pushed this man as far as he could go.
But he lacked the words to let me know.
He acted out, now I can see it is my fault."

(Maria Mena - It took me by surprise)

"Now I can understand how
after all that you've been through
you'd lock yourself inside
waiting for us to come and rescue you.

But what I can't fathom is
while imprisoned in yourself
you wouldn't ever take a look around
just blame everyone else."

(Maria Mena - Takes one to know one)

Maria Mena (2007 bereits im Blog zu Besuch) hat ein neues Album veröffentlicht. "Viktoria". Und auch für jene, die nicht wie ich in jedem Text mindestens zwei Zeilen finden, in denen sie ihre eigene Geschichte lesen, ist die Musik sehr gut gemacht. Und Maria Mena's Stimme wunderschön.

Ich schlafe heute mit Kopfhörern ein. Mal volle Konfrontation. Wenn das auch geht, dann geht alles.


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