Project Runway. Season 4. Episode 13. Recapped.

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Oh I'm so sad... Why is everybody trying to ruin my belief in the gracious goddess of reality TV? I blame the government.... Shame on you, Mister Bush, shame on you! (Just quoting.)

But from the very beginning: Once upon a time there were 15 designers, trying to take the chance of their lifetime on a reality TV show called "Project Runway". I had heard of it before, but I had never seen it before since I was dependet on dial- up until August '07. But as the show was mentioned in every blog I was reading regularly, I had to watch it. From the very beginning I loved Sweet P and Chris March. Kit was cute, Kevin seemed to be fun and Christian... well.... christianed. But Sweet P and Chris were my definite favorites. As they were down to 5 designers, my darling Sweet P was auf'd. "Naaaaaaaaaw" I said, but at least there was Chris. And what are they doing in this weeks episode??? Wait and see.

The episode was basically about Tim visiting all designers in their studios and getting to know a little more about their collections and their private lifes. First he visited Christian Siriano in New York. Although I'm not quite sure if I'm digging Christians personality, I really think, he has something going for him and I couldn't help but thinking "Wow, he's cute.." But as soon as I realized that I was thinking about Christian Siriano, I threw that thought away. Actually I didn't have to do very much because they were showing some pictures of Christians previous states of being. He's come a long way... But for being 21 his style is really... grown? I'd call it grown...

Next Tim Gunn visited Jillian Lewis, who was also working in New York. I really liked the outfits that were shown, but then Jillian went on stating "I know that everybody thinks that they're going to be the next big thing but I really will be and I won't have it any other way." Of course that's the attitude you need to survive in this circus, however I like those ones, who are down to earth and not too convinced of themselves much better. And the granny sweater she wore didn't help at all.

Rami Kashou was the only one working on his collection outside of New York so Tim had at least one flight to Los Angeles. I have noticed nothing about Rami except he was looking kinda cute this time and I was not quite sure if the guy in his house was his friend or his "friend". Of course Rami was talking about Jerusalem (was it Jerusalem?) again, I didn't listen that much, but the story about him sketching secretly since he was twelve and his parents finding out about that incidentally almost brought tears to my eyes. I'm just so jealous of people who are living their dreams....

Visiting Chris was probably the most extravagant part of Tims journey. Chris was also working on his collection in New York. Looking at the outfits Chris had created and being told that Chris actually used human hair, Tims "gag reflex was kicking in." He used a very cute metaphor of someone coming into a monkey house. "First it smells disgusting. After 20 minutes the smell isn't that bad. And after one hour one would feel it doesn't smell at all." Although I loved the metaphor, I wasn't feeling it referring to Chris' collection. Later that day Chris took Tim to a friend of him, who "had not left his appartment for about 30 years, so everything that's in there he also built in there." And it was looking that way. But not in a bad way. I was really impressed and I can't tell the reason because usually I hate kitsch and glam and knicknack and don't know what the appropriate word for it, but as Tim said, this appartment was looking like Versaille and some other things I can't remember ;o) The guy in this appartment really should think about making money with it.

Finally all four designers were reunited and Rami and Chris had to work on their collections to showcase them later on to Heidi, Nina and Michael. Therefore they had to team up with one of their fellow designers and Team Fierce was reunited!

Unfortunately it didn't help, after showing their three strongest looks, the jury decided to send Rami to Bryant Park. And I can't say that I disagree with their decision, I loved Ramis last two looks and Chris should have shown a wider range of his great talent. But I think, in the end it was the human hair. You are supposed to create something wearable. I wouldn't wear human hair anywhere else but on my head. At least not this amount of human hair. Chris' third look was simply stunning and it had no human hair.

In the end I think Chris will make his way anyways, because he's a great costume designer. He'll keep designing wonderful costumes and from time to time he definitely will be paid for creating some stand out peace of fashion art. And what, in my eyes, is consoling the most: If Jack wouldn't have gotten sick, Chris would never have made it this far. So for being in the final four Chris was already enormously lucky.

Next week there'll be the finals, to get a preview of the collections of Christian, Jillian and Rami or Chris and Sweet P who are also getting to show what they've created, you only need to click their names ;o) I'll go for Christian. I can't wait to see what Victoria Beckham is going to say about the collections, because usually I really like her style but you'll never know...

Again... wait and see and pray.


Germanys Next Topmodel. Season 3. Episode 1. Recapped.


[What's that on Lenas head? Looks like some fluffy monster stepped into her.]

Finally! All those ads and billboards.. So sick of it.. Today the pictures began moving! Thank God Heidi!

However I can't say I was very impressed with what I saw. But I've never said that about any first episode. Thousand of girls applied for the contest, only the 120 most beautiful got to Cologne. Unfortunately Bruce Darnell is no longer a member of the jury, so we were introduced to casting director Rolf Scheider. I've seen three interviews of him earlier today and in all of them he felt the need to express, how pissed he is that everyone's asking about Bruce. In fact he described himself as the improved version of Bruce. Girl, you'll never be him so don't even try.
[Rolf Scheider, Philipp Plein, Peyman Amin]

But what's most important to me, there's Peyman! Peyman! He's back for the third time and I'm still in love with him, every other visionary reality TV kind of relationship doesn't matter if there's a Peyman in my TV. Sorry, Ben and Ronnie... Foursome?

After being cut down to 50 the girls were instantly taken to Barcelona to do a runway show on Barcelona Fashion Week. Some fool going by the name Philipp Plein decided to book all 50 aspiring models to do his show. I mean... what? Barcelona? Fashion show? Most of them had never done something like this before but Heidi felt that they should know how to walk because they all were able to watch season 1 and 2. I love Heidi, but...

Maybe they're trying to do comedy this season because watching all those girls, doing the catwalk completely clueless was funny as hell.

After the runway show they were cut down to 30 and my jaw dropped after Heidi didn't call Bianca. There were some pretty girls and there are some I dislike already, but there were two who I thought were really hot. One of them was Bianca. And she wasn't called? Straight away I began doubting my sense of beauty, but last time I predicted the winner on day one, so I felt I was fooled. But then Bianca was shown talking to Heidi. Heidi simply had forgotten to call her name and no one noticed that there were only 29... Well, you don't get a topmodel for counting. Thankfully someone recognized the mistake.

The girl I was feeling from the very first minute I had seen her was Gina- Lisa. Orange teint, peroxide blonde, smoky eyes and tons of make- up, that's what they call ghetto fabulous. Well, in the US they'd call it porn fabulous, I guess, but that's what our ghetto chicks look like. And I L.O.V.E. this trashy styling. If I was a girl I'd probably look like her. Having said that, I don't think this look is high fashion at all. But one can change. At least a bit. Last seasons Aneta was proof enough.

So here are my preliminary picks for the grand prize of a contract with IMG models, the cover of Cosmopolitan Germany and an ad campaign for C&A:

Those three I think are cute as well:

But my mind has changed so many times during the past seasons, probably I'll go for the ugliest of all by the end of this ;o)

Picking top 30 is always kinda boring. Next time there'll be more fun... Promise ;o)

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Flavor of Love. Season 3. Episode 3. Recapped.

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This episode started with Ice, stating that there "aint nobody better than Ice". I've already forgotten what they were talking about. I only remember Prancer looking cute as usual and me thinking about getting Ice's sweater, maybe eight sizes smaller.

This weeks challenge was to create and design a restaurant. Nothing special, one may think, but it gets special when funny chicks who are craving for attention are given 1000$ to get all kinds of knickknack to showcase their "theme". Rayna, who was the leader of Team B, decided to go for some classy and sophisticated decorations but Shy had already spotted the one thing that was going to decide the contest later on: the reindeer. However Rayna refused to incorporate this ridiculous piece of plastic, so Grayvee and Ice took it.

Back home Ice continued to give one radio interview after another. Later on we got to hear her stating "If I have to make out with Flav to get where I need to be, that's what I gotta do." Basically Ice was making an ass of herself throughout the whole episode and that sucked. I really liked Ice in the beginning, but why isn't she able to act as if she was there for Flav, as all the other chicks do? Oh right, she's keepin' it real. Stating that "Flav is not attractive at all." she wasn't that attractive, either, showing her second chin to millions of viewers.

The design of the two restaurants was just too cute for words, kitsch and bling everywhere, it almost made me pierce my fork into my eyes. The award for outstanding achievements in design clearly went to Myammee. She even managed to underline every colored letter in its color. On the computer. Those girls are so talented. Well, maybe she took a ruler and a pen and did some manual underlining, but that's not as easy as it sounds, either.

Let's skip the whole Schindler the food critic- thing, obviously he had no clue of what good food tastes like and filled up with Hennessy he went from food critic to ass critic, staring at Myammees trunk. Perv. I think I had a little Roberto Cavalli moment.

Team Grayvee won the challenge (the reindeer, the reindeer..) which won Grayvee a solo date with Flav. And guess where they were going? To a restaurant! When Flav and the chicks first met that day, they already said "Good afternoon.", then they had to do the whole challenge thing, Mr. Sugar Daddy came to the house, they had to judge all the food, Grayvee had to get ready.. so what time was it? And how are they able to eat again? Well, obviously it worked:

Flav described the date as "amore" and Grayvee "had a very romantic time." "You like pig feet?"...

The group date took Flav, Ice, Sinceer, the things, Seezinz and Bunz to ice skating with some gay guy in blue spandex. I recognized all the Hydro clothing in this episode before, but when even Ice wore Hydro and Flav took his Hydro jacket off to show his trendy Hydro sweater, after Prancer and Hotlanta had already shown their love for Flavs clothing line (is it?)... Is he now even trying to advertise his cheap stuff on the show?? I feel played..

On the date Sinceer and Bunz got into a huge verbal altercation, I don't even know what it was about, but at some point Bunz decided to answer "yo' momma" what inspired Sinceer to say "yo' momma's dead." Ewww... that was ugly. But drunk people say ugly things (and forget about things like knowing about the brain injuries of some peoples mothers.) I still feel you, baby girl. But don't take it too far. Well, you already have.. dammit... All my favorites seem to be airheads. At least Prancer hasn't given any radio interviews and hasn't called any mother dead. She's just serving "cute cheesecakes from the cheesecake factory." Awwww....

And have you noticed that: After Myammee, Sinceer, Seezinz and everyone else misspelled Flavs name, VH1 doesn't even know that his name starts with a capital letter..

Eliminations showed that Sinceer isn't even able to apologize but looks great from behind. I loved Shys white outfit and Grayvees country dress, Ice and Rayna had to leave.

The mysterious preview showed Big Rick, handing out "the envelope" to Flavor Flav. Ooohooo... The envelope... I'm not quite sure what's going to happen next week, if there are new contestants added to the show, if there'll be two or five of them, I just don't get it and maybe there is nothing to get. To read everything about what could happen, will happen and has allegedly already happened visit The Blogspot.


Rock of Love. Season 2. Episode 6. Recapped.

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"Well, helloe helloe." Sorry.. I just had to do this once. It's not as funny as I expected. "Lil' ol' me"s sense of humor is a little stressed out. I'm so bored of Bret Michaels trying to be funny. Leave it to those who (accidentally) really are.

This weeks challenge took the 7 remaining girls as well as Peyton and Catherine to a trip. They were welcomed by Bret and he introduced them to the "cackling hellish laugh", Rodeo. She actually looked better then she did in the review to season 1.

The challenge was to win the "Rockin' Rodeo Relay Race" and therefore they were split up into two teams. Catherine and my favorite girl in reality TV right now decided to be the leaders of the two teams and when it came to chosing team members, again nobody wanted Megan on their team. And again she did, what was supposed to be her happy smile. And again she did an awful job. Déjà vu. Writers on strike or what?

And also again, it was okay with her, but this time for another reason (yay, writers back on their tables): "I think that they don't choose me because they're jealous. They just don't understand what it's like to go through life [right there I thought, something really deep and suprising would come out of her mouth] ... being hot." She's just too... umm... hot for words. However in the end she was allowed to compete this time. Smart move, writers..

[Click to enlarge]

Fighting for another date with Bret they all brought their A game, but this time especially Ambre convinced me, "[...] making that noise to make the horse go." I don't know how you spell it, but above you can take a look at it. "Dh dhd dhhd" maybe?

As Ambre had to control her horse, Daisy had to fight some Harvard alumni pigs, but apparently they were "a lot smarter than they looked." Maybe Daisy should take lessons with those "slippery little fuck*rs." (Inna) And did you hear Destiney scream? Lovely graciousness...

The outcome of this challenge finally made me notice... wait... I'll remember her name in a second... Jessica! She won a solo date with Bret so that poor little Peggy Bundy was the last woman left not having had a date with him.

But first Ambre, Destiney and Kristy Joe had a group date with Bret, which took them to dining in the dark in a restaurant called "Opaque". They had to take dinner in complete darkness and even their waiter was blind. Good for him, so he didn't see Destineys compassionate face at least.

Being in the dark Destiney instantly fell asleep and Ambre kept talking while Kristy Joe was all over Bret, kissing, licking, punching and kicking. I didn't get it. What happened to class? As Destiney said... "Kristy Joe is just being a selfish [Pause. Think.] hooker!"

Then her and Kristy Joe left the room to take care of some business which Ambre totally took advantage of. She was having the "hottest and sexiest kiss ever" and consequently she wasn't quite sure if she was actually kissing Bret Michaels.

Back in the mansion Bret decided to take Kristy Joe to his room which the other chicks obviously didn't approve. Even Ambre looked pissed. The next morning Catherine decided to bring up her own date since she was not able to win any and made breakfast for Bret. Seeing that, Megan felt the need to express her very own oppinion of Catherine: "I think that Bret should just put Catherine out of her misery 'cause she's like an old horse they have to shoot or something." At least Catherine got to perform another old people kiss with Bret. It wasn't as disgusting as last time.

Later on Bret and Jessica went on their solo date. They got to play paintball against Big John and as Flav sucked at sky diving, Bret sucked at paintball. Jessica got through the court, Bret didn't. But as they were a team they both won. How sweet. And just when I thought I was starting to like Jessica in some way, she said "There's nothing quite like making out in a field full of paint." Get back to Megan, hun.

Peyton and Catherine were eliminated. No surprise. He never would have shown Peyton to any of his rockstar friends. And the oppinion of those two means a lot to Bret.

Preview showed Ambre doing the Ambre- Face and you can tell why she's doing it. Kristy Joes mom is coming to visit. I guess. I don't wanna know what these old people are about. Let's wait and see and pray.