Rock of Love. Season 2. Episode 5. Recapped.

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This weeks episode started with Big John giving the evil smile and Jessica having to read Brets note. Don't know if there was a plan for the first laugh, but somehow she managed it rather well.

The note announced Brets Mud Bowl II. Unfortunately I haven't watched Season 1 so I wasn't that excited. As there were 9 ladies left, one had to sit out, not even getting a chance of getting a chance of getting a date with Bret.

Neither the "Fallen Angels" nor the "Sweethearts" wanted Megan and she did an awful job giving her happy smile, but she was okay with that, because it was a beautiful day and she didn't want to spend it in [disgusted face on]mud and rain[disgusted face off].

As the note said, the remaining chicks were Brets "divine nine" and yes did they look divine as soon as the rain started pouring and they had to face some dirt.

The most gracious one definitely had to be Daisy. She never looked better than that, doing the bulldog face all covered in mud and tons of blurred make up. In the end she scored the deciding point and was named MVP, winning her a solo date with Bret. Get out of her way, skanks, Daisy's comin' through. That's for sure.

Personally, my favorite moment of this episode was a passionate kiss between Bret and Peggy Bundy Catherine. My jaw dropped looking at it, I was not able to move and all I could think of was "Ewwwwwwwwwwww." It looked like he was going to eat her face. In a way it was like watching grandpa and grandma making out. Not that I've done it yet.

Destiney, Kristy Joe and Inna got to go on a group date with Bret. They went to a racing track. Try not to look so thrilled.

Then there was the whole "I wrote a note, she wrote a note, she took mine, I wrote another note.." thing between Peyton and Megan but I wasn't feeling that story at all. We've played this game age 10. The only funny thing about it was Peytons plan to "rip somebody a new asshole".

When it came to eliminations, Daisy already had some doubts. "I'm like.. oh my god.. like.. did I do something wrong, did I say something wrong like.. do you not.. like.. you know.. meeh?". In contrast Megan, who obviously forgot to put on her shirt, felt some kind of "Superman psychological connection"... If she's just playing the dumb blonde, she's talented.

My current favorite Ambre got the first pass and when it came down to the last pass, Daisy and Peyton were left. And he calls Peyton down?? I mean, Daisy must like.. have been.. like.. you know shocked. And I was shocked, too.

But of course there was a twist to it, Bret decided to keep all of them around for another week. Which means that next week 2 chicks will be eliminated. Couldn't they have done an extra episode instead?

Next week there'll be some rodeo in more than one ways and the war on Kristy Joe will continue as Brets feelings for her seem to deepen and she keeps crying her way into the finale.

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