Project Runway. Season 4. Episode 13. Recapped.

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Oh I'm so sad... Why is everybody trying to ruin my belief in the gracious goddess of reality TV? I blame the government.... Shame on you, Mister Bush, shame on you! (Just quoting.)

But from the very beginning: Once upon a time there were 15 designers, trying to take the chance of their lifetime on a reality TV show called "Project Runway". I had heard of it before, but I had never seen it before since I was dependet on dial- up until August '07. But as the show was mentioned in every blog I was reading regularly, I had to watch it. From the very beginning I loved Sweet P and Chris March. Kit was cute, Kevin seemed to be fun and Christian... well.... christianed. But Sweet P and Chris were my definite favorites. As they were down to 5 designers, my darling Sweet P was auf'd. "Naaaaaaaaaw" I said, but at least there was Chris. And what are they doing in this weeks episode??? Wait and see.

The episode was basically about Tim visiting all designers in their studios and getting to know a little more about their collections and their private lifes. First he visited Christian Siriano in New York. Although I'm not quite sure if I'm digging Christians personality, I really think, he has something going for him and I couldn't help but thinking "Wow, he's cute.." But as soon as I realized that I was thinking about Christian Siriano, I threw that thought away. Actually I didn't have to do very much because they were showing some pictures of Christians previous states of being. He's come a long way... But for being 21 his style is really... grown? I'd call it grown...

Next Tim Gunn visited Jillian Lewis, who was also working in New York. I really liked the outfits that were shown, but then Jillian went on stating "I know that everybody thinks that they're going to be the next big thing but I really will be and I won't have it any other way." Of course that's the attitude you need to survive in this circus, however I like those ones, who are down to earth and not too convinced of themselves much better. And the granny sweater she wore didn't help at all.

Rami Kashou was the only one working on his collection outside of New York so Tim had at least one flight to Los Angeles. I have noticed nothing about Rami except he was looking kinda cute this time and I was not quite sure if the guy in his house was his friend or his "friend". Of course Rami was talking about Jerusalem (was it Jerusalem?) again, I didn't listen that much, but the story about him sketching secretly since he was twelve and his parents finding out about that incidentally almost brought tears to my eyes. I'm just so jealous of people who are living their dreams....

Visiting Chris was probably the most extravagant part of Tims journey. Chris was also working on his collection in New York. Looking at the outfits Chris had created and being told that Chris actually used human hair, Tims "gag reflex was kicking in." He used a very cute metaphor of someone coming into a monkey house. "First it smells disgusting. After 20 minutes the smell isn't that bad. And after one hour one would feel it doesn't smell at all." Although I loved the metaphor, I wasn't feeling it referring to Chris' collection. Later that day Chris took Tim to a friend of him, who "had not left his appartment for about 30 years, so everything that's in there he also built in there." And it was looking that way. But not in a bad way. I was really impressed and I can't tell the reason because usually I hate kitsch and glam and knicknack and don't know what the appropriate word for it, but as Tim said, this appartment was looking like Versaille and some other things I can't remember ;o) The guy in this appartment really should think about making money with it.

Finally all four designers were reunited and Rami and Chris had to work on their collections to showcase them later on to Heidi, Nina and Michael. Therefore they had to team up with one of their fellow designers and Team Fierce was reunited!

Unfortunately it didn't help, after showing their three strongest looks, the jury decided to send Rami to Bryant Park. And I can't say that I disagree with their decision, I loved Ramis last two looks and Chris should have shown a wider range of his great talent. But I think, in the end it was the human hair. You are supposed to create something wearable. I wouldn't wear human hair anywhere else but on my head. At least not this amount of human hair. Chris' third look was simply stunning and it had no human hair.

In the end I think Chris will make his way anyways, because he's a great costume designer. He'll keep designing wonderful costumes and from time to time he definitely will be paid for creating some stand out peace of fashion art. And what, in my eyes, is consoling the most: If Jack wouldn't have gotten sick, Chris would never have made it this far. So for being in the final four Chris was already enormously lucky.

Next week there'll be the finals, to get a preview of the collections of Christian, Jillian and Rami or Chris and Sweet P who are also getting to show what they've created, you only need to click their names ;o) I'll go for Christian. I can't wait to see what Victoria Beckham is going to say about the collections, because usually I really like her style but you'll never know...

Again... wait and see and pray.

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