Germanys Next Topmodel. Season 3. Episode 1. Recapped.


[What's that on Lenas head? Looks like some fluffy monster stepped into her.]

Finally! All those ads and billboards.. So sick of it.. Today the pictures began moving! Thank God Heidi!

However I can't say I was very impressed with what I saw. But I've never said that about any first episode. Thousand of girls applied for the contest, only the 120 most beautiful got to Cologne. Unfortunately Bruce Darnell is no longer a member of the jury, so we were introduced to casting director Rolf Scheider. I've seen three interviews of him earlier today and in all of them he felt the need to express, how pissed he is that everyone's asking about Bruce. In fact he described himself as the improved version of Bruce. Girl, you'll never be him so don't even try.
[Rolf Scheider, Philipp Plein, Peyman Amin]

But what's most important to me, there's Peyman! Peyman! He's back for the third time and I'm still in love with him, every other visionary reality TV kind of relationship doesn't matter if there's a Peyman in my TV. Sorry, Ben and Ronnie... Foursome?

After being cut down to 50 the girls were instantly taken to Barcelona to do a runway show on Barcelona Fashion Week. Some fool going by the name Philipp Plein decided to book all 50 aspiring models to do his show. I mean... what? Barcelona? Fashion show? Most of them had never done something like this before but Heidi felt that they should know how to walk because they all were able to watch season 1 and 2. I love Heidi, but...

Maybe they're trying to do comedy this season because watching all those girls, doing the catwalk completely clueless was funny as hell.

After the runway show they were cut down to 30 and my jaw dropped after Heidi didn't call Bianca. There were some pretty girls and there are some I dislike already, but there were two who I thought were really hot. One of them was Bianca. And she wasn't called? Straight away I began doubting my sense of beauty, but last time I predicted the winner on day one, so I felt I was fooled. But then Bianca was shown talking to Heidi. Heidi simply had forgotten to call her name and no one noticed that there were only 29... Well, you don't get a topmodel for counting. Thankfully someone recognized the mistake.

The girl I was feeling from the very first minute I had seen her was Gina- Lisa. Orange teint, peroxide blonde, smoky eyes and tons of make- up, that's what they call ghetto fabulous. Well, in the US they'd call it porn fabulous, I guess, but that's what our ghetto chicks look like. And I L.O.V.E. this trashy styling. If I was a girl I'd probably look like her. Having said that, I don't think this look is high fashion at all. But one can change. At least a bit. Last seasons Aneta was proof enough.

So here are my preliminary picks for the grand prize of a contract with IMG models, the cover of Cosmopolitan Germany and an ad campaign for C&A:

Those three I think are cute as well:

But my mind has changed so many times during the past seasons, probably I'll go for the ugliest of all by the end of this ;o)

Picking top 30 is always kinda boring. Next time there'll be more fun... Promise ;o)

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