Rock of Love. Season 2. Episode 6. Recapped.

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"Well, helloe helloe." Sorry.. I just had to do this once. It's not as funny as I expected. "Lil' ol' me"s sense of humor is a little stressed out. I'm so bored of Bret Michaels trying to be funny. Leave it to those who (accidentally) really are.

This weeks challenge took the 7 remaining girls as well as Peyton and Catherine to a trip. They were welcomed by Bret and he introduced them to the "cackling hellish laugh", Rodeo. She actually looked better then she did in the review to season 1.

The challenge was to win the "Rockin' Rodeo Relay Race" and therefore they were split up into two teams. Catherine and my favorite girl in reality TV right now decided to be the leaders of the two teams and when it came to chosing team members, again nobody wanted Megan on their team. And again she did, what was supposed to be her happy smile. And again she did an awful job. Déjà vu. Writers on strike or what?

And also again, it was okay with her, but this time for another reason (yay, writers back on their tables): "I think that they don't choose me because they're jealous. They just don't understand what it's like to go through life [right there I thought, something really deep and suprising would come out of her mouth] ... being hot." She's just too... umm... hot for words. However in the end she was allowed to compete this time. Smart move, writers..

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Fighting for another date with Bret they all brought their A game, but this time especially Ambre convinced me, "[...] making that noise to make the horse go." I don't know how you spell it, but above you can take a look at it. "Dh dhd dhhd" maybe?

As Ambre had to control her horse, Daisy had to fight some Harvard alumni pigs, but apparently they were "a lot smarter than they looked." Maybe Daisy should take lessons with those "slippery little fuck*rs." (Inna) And did you hear Destiney scream? Lovely graciousness...

The outcome of this challenge finally made me notice... wait... I'll remember her name in a second... Jessica! She won a solo date with Bret so that poor little Peggy Bundy was the last woman left not having had a date with him.

But first Ambre, Destiney and Kristy Joe had a group date with Bret, which took them to dining in the dark in a restaurant called "Opaque". They had to take dinner in complete darkness and even their waiter was blind. Good for him, so he didn't see Destineys compassionate face at least.

Being in the dark Destiney instantly fell asleep and Ambre kept talking while Kristy Joe was all over Bret, kissing, licking, punching and kicking. I didn't get it. What happened to class? As Destiney said... "Kristy Joe is just being a selfish [Pause. Think.] hooker!"

Then her and Kristy Joe left the room to take care of some business which Ambre totally took advantage of. She was having the "hottest and sexiest kiss ever" and consequently she wasn't quite sure if she was actually kissing Bret Michaels.

Back in the mansion Bret decided to take Kristy Joe to his room which the other chicks obviously didn't approve. Even Ambre looked pissed. The next morning Catherine decided to bring up her own date since she was not able to win any and made breakfast for Bret. Seeing that, Megan felt the need to express her very own oppinion of Catherine: "I think that Bret should just put Catherine out of her misery 'cause she's like an old horse they have to shoot or something." At least Catherine got to perform another old people kiss with Bret. It wasn't as disgusting as last time.

Later on Bret and Jessica went on their solo date. They got to play paintball against Big John and as Flav sucked at sky diving, Bret sucked at paintball. Jessica got through the court, Bret didn't. But as they were a team they both won. How sweet. And just when I thought I was starting to like Jessica in some way, she said "There's nothing quite like making out in a field full of paint." Get back to Megan, hun.

Peyton and Catherine were eliminated. No surprise. He never would have shown Peyton to any of his rockstar friends. And the oppinion of those two means a lot to Bret.

Preview showed Ambre doing the Ambre- Face and you can tell why she's doing it. Kristy Joes mom is coming to visit. I guess. I don't wanna know what these old people are about. Let's wait and see and pray.

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