Project Runway. Season 4. Episode 11. Recapped.

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This weeks challenge was to create a look inspired by one special piece of art. So where can you go when you need some fine pieces of art? To the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Completely shut down for 5 designers with some cheap digital cameras. Nice.

As usual, Christian made me laugh all the time when they were making their outfits. The most important thing he had to say to Tim Gunn was "The blouse looks so good on me." Fierce or what?

Moreover Rami presented an outfit I was not quite sure about. I mean there are certain trends in fashion, but don't you think you misunderstood the whole cut out- thing? It looks like he was attacked by some rabid squirrel. You know what Carrie Bradshaw has to say about squirrels. They're just rats in fancy dresses...

My love Sweet P unfortunately had some bad luck, because her model was "late". And by saying "late" Tim meant "not showing up until it's almost too late to fix anything." He just striked out 10 words. Poor Sweet P.

On the day of the final runway Christian had to make sure that his hair looks "extra fierce". I could not stop laughing.

The guest judge of the final show before Bryant Park was Roberto Cavalli. I don't like Roberto Cavalli. He's the impersonation of the classic sugar daddy and I would not let him judge anything that has nothing to do with big boobs. However, they let him and what he had to say wasn't that bad.

My second favorite contestant, Chris, he described as the "most artistic" out of the remaining designers, whom he could see "presenting his collection in Paris". Totally agree.

Although the other judges found falt in the fact that he used one of the tricks he already used before, the high collar thing.

Ramis outfit was "too normal, too predictable and not special enough" and Sweet Ps outfit was desbribed as "wearable and flattering, but not imaginative".

About Jillians and Christians outfits they had nothing bad to say, they almost peed their pants stating how surprised they were about Jillians "stunning" outfit. In my eyes it wasn't stunning at all and Jillian should go back to Banana Republic.

In the end Christian was named the winner of the challenge, Jillian has a safe spot at Bryant Park and Rami and Chris both get to create a collection which will be judged before Bryant Park, only one of them will get to show it.

My darling Sweet P was auf'd. In my eyes her dress was ugly as hell, but I loved her. I would have worn the dress.

Next week we'll see the reunion of all of the designers, Victoria seems to get kind of bitchy, the black chick seems to be pissed and Christian will rock a new 'do which I think looks gorgeous. In addition the viewer's favorite designer will be named. I voted for Sweet P numeral times.

May they fall down dead if she doesn't win at least 10,000$.

So that's it for my very first recap ever. How did you like it? And if you want to help me to improve my English, feel free to point my mistakes out, I am willing to learn ;o)

Have a nice day.

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