Flavor of Love. Season 3. Episode 2. Recapped.

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What is my favorite way to start any tv show? Beer! How do they know on VH1? The first thing we got to know was that Sinceer "needed a beer to knock off the headache" and she drinks "five times a day." That's when she got me. No more funny forehead. We're now soulmates. And by realizing that, I really wasn't feeling the clingon joke. But Seezinz already lost me when she didn't seem to approve of Sinceers periodic drinking.

The challenge for this day was some nurse- thing, they all were supposed to dress up as sexy nurses and cure Flavs broken heart in their very own ways.

I was loving Grayvees idea of putting aluminum foil in her mouth to create her very own grill. For me she would've won the whole thing right there. I think I'm gonna buy some aluminum foil tomorrow..
My girl Sinceer unfortunately spelled Flavor Flavs name wrong by adding an extra 'e' on her gift, but she had a very convincing explanation for that: She did it when she was sober! You should sleep when you're sober, baby girl. To be honest I thought he was spelled "Flava" for a long time.

Another girl was almost as funny as Grayvee, but not in the cute way. The most annoying person of this season yet, Rayna did something she called the "Flavorade" (did I get that right?). She brought some masks and some colorful trash. I really need my "own personal glass from Rayna. When you punch it, it changes colors." This girl is just retarded. But she's okay with it, she "would be jealous of her too if she wasn't her." I think I want her to stay just for the crap coming out of her mouth.

Hotlanta, Ice and Myammee won the challenge and a date with Flav. As they were going on their date the rest of the girls had a special guest, Sheryl Lee Ralph. I think I know her from Charm School, but her Wikipedia- Entry doesn't mention that and I'm too lazy too search for my "tapes". My soulmate got the point: "This aint a )%?§&* kumbaya in this §==/&% house."

Random quote: "I don't ride alligators. I ride cows." (Grayvee) It's not half as funny just reading it but I'm still laughing.

The date took Hotlanta, Ice and Myammee to sky diving with Flav and "probably their first airgasm." Haha. Lame. Hotlanta was scared of heights and Myammee didn't seem to be excited, too, but they all did better than Flava Flave, who pulled the string 10,000ft up in the air. Of course it was because he thought he was supposed to do so. Your mother thought she was supposed to do so.

Eliminations showed, that Rayna even is too stupid to buy shoes in her size, Prancer looked stunning, Tik, Saint Lewis and El had to go. El actually looked pretty nice.

Next week there is some food critic and some ice skating, nothing special, no Candice Cabrera but I'm still looking forward to it. Previews showed some scene that looks like an interpretation of Pumkins exit scene featuring New York, maybe the girls are replaying our beloved previous seasons? Fun :o)

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