Rock of Love. Season 2. Episode 7. Recapped.

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I see. old. people. Alright, I guess that's no Haley Joel Osment kind of super power since everybody sees them, but it still scares the hell out of me.

This episode started with Bret introducing his younger sisters Shirley and Joan to the remaining seven girls. Shirley and Joan have been performing for US vets for over 50 years and now they were supposed to help Brets chicks with their performance, which was the challenge for this week.

Preparation was not that funny as there were only 2 old people (Bret wasn't there), but then we got to "Bret Michaels Rockin' U.S.O.ish Style Show".. Actual vets included. Being with Bret is one thing, the girls may focus on him as kind of ageless trophy, but all those "elderly citizens"... Kudos for keeping the smiles.

There were 3 teams and Daisy had to do a solo performance. Ambre and Kristy Joe went by the name of "Stars and Taps", Destiney and Inna formed the "Rock of Love Rockets", Megan and Jessica did "Hula- Hoops for our Troops" and Daisy went by the name of "Daisy". ROFL. I love how she keeps it simple.

They all looked pretty cute though talentless on that stage, but one performance stood out for so many reasons. First there was an ass that was never made to be showcased. Then there was some bending down that was never supposed to entertain. Slutty outfits. Slutty moves. The whole performance of Inna and Destiney just screamed "SLUT"! And usually I mean that as a compliment. But this time... There was no creativity, there was no class, there was no dignity. It was Eastern Europe Whore Standard. Alright, I'll stop right now, but for Inna to do such a poor show knowing that she needed to win some time with Bret and for Destiney to conform... No, no, no.

Megan and Jessica won the challenge. Although I dislike both of them, they did a nice job. I actually agreed with Jessica, that they had done the whole stripping thing in a classy way and Megan even remembering her lines was a shock to me. As well as Jessica knowing all the words in the preamble was a shock to me. Is she smart after all?

"I had some trouble remembering words of the preamble especially because I had never heard of the words before. So I wasn't just learning the preamble, I was also learning new words." (Megan) Admitting being dumb is a smart move, either... They confuse me.

Before Megan and Jessica got to go on their date with Bret, they all sat down to have dinner together in a "nice atmosphere". And Bret starts the evening with asking "Who do you think is here for the right reasons and who do you think is here for the wrong reasons." I guess he had already forgotten that he wanted to have a nice evening. Cruel dementia. Ambre felt the need to throw Kristy Joe under the bus (and if Ambre felt the need, I feel it too) by indirectly saying that she's not completely sincere and then things went crazy between KJ and Destiney. They started screaming at each other and finally Bret left the table and Kristy Joe started packing. Again. I can't stand that much drama. Kristy Joe looks gorgeous, but all that crying and packing.... Ugh.

At eliminations Ambre got the first pass. As she deserved. She had been the only one being brave enoug to speak her mind and she is just so adorable. I just got a crush on people who are able to be nice and act social. Finally Kristy Joe and Inna were left and Bret calls down Inna. Destiney is having the time of her life dismissing KJ but then there is this funny sound of a vinyl scratched terribly wrong, I guess, which always signalizes a twist and always makes me laugh hard even if the situation isn't funny at all and Bret tells Inna that her tour ends here.

Whatever, Inna felt that it was "her time to leave" and if she thinks so, I won't stand in her way.

Previews showed some music video shoot, Kristy Joe planning on finally getting through with her divorce and Ambre cracking on Kristy Joe. I can't wait to see Ambre crack. Furious Ambre, *hrrr* ;o)

KJ is so not getting divorced.. Can anybody tell me if Innas last name is "Dmitrenko" or if that's wrong?

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