Flavor of Love. Season 3. Episode 4. Recapped.

[This place is just looking so damn comfy, never seen it from that perspective.]

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Why do there always have to be those damn exotic dancer/ cheap stripper/ porn star/ actual hooker- conversations? Personally I really don't care who has hanging what out of their supposed- to- be clothing. But Hotlanta and Seezinz felt the need to complain about my girl Prancers hooker looks. I don't get their point. Hookers. I really don't think that Seezinz will ever get into my inner circle. I'd love her to be the porn star. Whatever.

This weeks challenge was the very first "Flavorettes Roast" ever. Therefore the chicks were seperated into two teams and basically it was good versus evil. She- Devil Sinceer, her footwomen, the Things and Shy together with Myammee and Prancer versus Sister Mary Seezinz, Bunz, Hotlanta, Bee- Ex and Grayvee.

The first thing they had to do was to decide which member of the other team they wanted to roast. Team Evil went for Hotlanta because of her voluptuousness and something on her lip they considered to be herpes and Team Boring decided to roast Shy. Don't know why they didn't decide to make fun of Sinceers drinking habits and the forehead. Probably that's not what the script said. But even listing what makes Shy perfectly roastable, Bee- Ex "run out of fingers." Those classy one- liners...

[Gotcha! "Bambi after a ghetto makeover" cheering herself.]

Roasting Hotlanta Team Evil did a pretty good job. I guess. I really don't like stand up comedy, but the audience was laughing hard, so I guess it was funny. What I can say for sure is that Shy was working her ass off on that stage, performing the gospel according to Shy. Her jumping and yelling at that stage would best be compared to my weekly aerobic routine.

Random insertion: Doesn't this pic of Bee- Ex remind you of something? If she's able to do that, she deserves to win.

Team Boring lived up to their name by making the crickets chirp. Bee- Ex was kinda of funny but after that, they all pretty much sucked. No surprise to me. One has to be evil to do a funny roast. Period.

Announcing the winner of the challenge, Flav said "Prancer did her thing. But Shy did her thing, too [read: Thing 2]" And Thing 2 was pointing at Shy. Get it? Get it? Lame? Okay, okay... Don't know if this pun was intended, I just had to pause the show because of heavy giggling. Shy won.

[Eww. Shark.]

Flav took her on a date to the "Aquarium of the Pacific", where they even got to swim with sharks. And Shy even got into the water before Flav, because Flav was scared. Why does he always take the girls to places where he knows he'll suck? Does he need to be hugged and pampered? And then even a shark hit his balls. Poor grampa.

When they got to their underwater dinner that was when I got really jealous. The setting was just so beautiful and romantic. If someone's reading who's willing to take me out for dinner, you'll score some points by taking me to the Aquarium. It's getting personal, again. I need a man real soon. Unfortunately Shys breath kinda ruined it for Flav. I was feeling so sorry for her. For the first time ever we got to see her sweet, happy and therefore vulnerable, she was having the time of her life on this date, excited like a little school girl and then Flav offers her peppermint. In this very moment I would have loved to hug her. Holding my breath of course.

The group date took the rest of Team Evil plus Bee- Ex to the "Raging Waters Park." Nothing special about that. I've made 5 screencaps. Out of 113.... Skip.

Back home Hotlanta had to have some Dr. Rubinstein looking at her pimple/ herpes/ extra facial muscle/ whatever. Kind of a humiliating situation there, but she coped with it rather gracefully. She even let Dr. Rubinstein ram a needle into her face. BTW googleing Dr. Rubinstein, you'll only find plastic surgeons. So much about Flavs medical contacts.

Also Grayvee tried her best to bring Flav some joy and spend some time with him, but her plan was probably not the smartest. She brought him pickled pig feet. Baby girl, he told you he's not planning on ever trying pig feet. Nice try though. Didn't work after all. But at least she got some camera time and Flav had to leave those dental accidents in the bathtub.

In the end my girl Grayvee was eliminated for being "too country." Goldie got to Top 4 for being "country." I was bummed out. I would have kept her. Now for me there's only Prancer left. Flav better keep Prancer until the finals. At least Grayvee was eliminated in a pretty dress. Bunz looked stunning, too... Although she didn't have much of an appearance this time.

Preview shows some kiddies coming to the mansion and Myammee and Shy in some cute little fetish outfits. Also the preview shows some of the girls already wearing their clocks so I am wondering if there'll be some twist next week. They're not that dumb to already reveal who's getting a clock, are they? So much confusion.... And in the end it's just a pimple...

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